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What is the best radio for security staff?

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) will provide a security guard with both an essential tool for the job and a critical safety device, whether guarding a single entrance or supporting a large event. The radio allows security personnel to keep in regular touch with controllers and fellow team members. Instant push-to-talk (PTT) technology provides immediate voice communications in the event of an emergency and safety features such as Lone Worker and Man Down panic alerts and GPS location services keep security staff safe.

Learn more about radios designed for security staff and help identify the best specification, dimensions and durability for your security situation.

How do security radio features work?

Hytera radios can support a wide range of worker safety features including an emergency ‘panic’ alert button, Lone Worker, Man Down and GPS for location-based features. The alarms can come through as a voice, text or tone alarm.

Alerts are sent across the whole radio system by the device that has triggered the emergency, along with the identity of the person issuing the alarm. GPS allows controllers and colleagues to quickly locate the security guard in trouble and provide assistance.

These safety features are particular relevant to security personnel on lone patrol and help employers meet duty of care Health & Safety Regulations.

Selecting robust and rugged security radios

Customers also need to consider what degree of ruggedness is appropriate for their security staff. Users operating within buildings may not need a radio with a high IP certification against dust and water intrusion, but may still require a high certification against vibration and shock from knocks and drops.

If you want to start with a lower tier Hytera hand portable then the PD505 and PD565 come with the emergency ‘panic’ alert button and Lone Worker feature. The PD485(G) offers a lower-tier radio with GPS and Bluetooth option, while the PD415 offers an integrated RFID reader supported with the intuitive Hytera Patrol Solution for simple assets tagging and tracking. These radios are IP54 rated against water and dust intrusion and are very popular security radios for indoor use, but may not be the best option for outdoor operation depending on the harshness of the environment the security guard is working in.

If you are after the additional Man Down and GPS safety features and applications, as well as emergency button and Lone Worker provided by the PD 6 and PD 7 series, then you need to choose the (G) versions of the PD605PD665PD685PD705PD755 and PD785. These higher tier radios all come with a very high IP67 rating and work on DMR Tier 3 trunking networks. The wide range of features and ruggedness make these some of the best security radios for the price point on the market today.

However, for a truly top of the range security radio, Hytera offers the PD985(G), which is has an IP68 rating and again has all the safety features as standard, as well as full duplex calling, voice recording and support for Bluetooth 4.0.

Intrinsically safe ATEX Radios for dangerous environments

For security personnel working in potentially explosive environments such as construction sites, petrochemical and oil & gas plants, Hytera offers several intrinsically safe ATEX radios. The PD715ExPD795ExPD715IS and PD795IS come with GPS and all the security features as standard.

The IS models are the only DMR hand portables to meet the ultra-stringent ‘ia’ certification, meaning the radio circuit has three protective measures, allowing for the occurrence of two faults during operation without risking user safety. The terminals can be safely used even in Intrinsically Safe Zone 0 (an area with very high levels of hazardous product present continuously) as well as Zones 1 and 2.

Covert and discreet security radios

If you want a discreet radio solution for covert security personnel, or just something small, slim, light and stylish for front of house security personnel guarding hotels and entertainment venues, then the X1p (keypad and display screen) and X1e (no keypad or screen) are undoubtedly the radios you need.

Despite their small size (just 20mm thick) and weight (only 240g) the radios still pack a punch. They are extremely rugged (IP67) and they come with a rich range of features, including GPS positioning and tracking and integrated Man Down and Lone Worker.

The radios are Bluetooth enabled as standard to support a range of covert wireless audio accessories and they support advanced encryption technology. The X1p also features a secondary microphone and tactical emergency button to allow the user to conceal the colour display.

Finally, if you need a mobile radio for desk or vehicle mounting, then the MD785(G) offers the perfect solution. It comes with an emergency button and Lone Worker features and is IP54 rated.

Long lasting battery life

Security personnel often work long shifts, potentially remotely, so it is vital that their radios have a long enough battery life to do the job. The use of two-slot TDMA technology delivers a battery life of up to 40% longer than the analogue equivalent on a single charge.

In addition, the use of Lithium-ion battery technology offers an increased talk time per charge. This allows Hytera digital radios to be used for up to 14 hours with some models lasting up to 16 or even 19 hours.

Accessories and Bodycams

Like the police, security personnel need to keep their hands as free as possible and their eyes on the person or incident they are dealing with. The use of remote speaker microphones and earpieces can be very helpful here.

Hytera has a large number of wired and wireless audio accessories in its portfolio, including common and specialist earpiece sets, speaker microphones and micro surveillance earpieces for covert operations. It is important to ensure the choice of Hytera radio can support the particular types of audio accessories required.

In addition, Hytera provides a range of antennas, batteries, radio chargers, car kits and carrying equipment such as belt clips, lapel clips and wrist straps. Bodycams can also be integrated with DMR radios to provide a record of any incident.

For more information and any of the devices mentioned, please visit the product page on the Hytera website, or search the product code in the top search bar. To discuss your security requirements further please speak to a Hytera authorised partner and for more aspects to consider when using two way radios and upgrading your communications, read our guide to Two Way Radio Considerations for Security Personnel.

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