Hytera Power 446

Professional, rugged, licence-free two-way radio

Rugged and quick to operate straight out of the box, the HYT POWER446 is a licence-free two-way radio that excels with its clear voice quality and long battery life. Thanks to the robust and reliable design (IP66 rating) you can fully concentrate on your task at hand even in harsh environments.


Licence-free two-way radio

The Power446 is a PMR446 radio and can therefore be used straight out of the box, without the need to acquire a radio licence.

Dust and waterproof

With IP66 rating o ering protection against dust and water ingress, the Power446 is ideal for use outdoors.

Longer battery life

The high capacity 2000-mAh battery can last up to 25 hours on a single charge with a duty cycle of 5-5-90.

Improved audio quality

HYT voice management technology combined with an optimised loudspeaker ensures a clear sound is delivered to the user at all times.


Monitor function
CTCSS/CDCSS and hum and noise
Channel scan
Energy saving mode
Warning tone for low battery charge state
Busy channel lockout
Time-out timer (TOT)
Programmable via PC
Line-connected “cloning” function for transferring settings to another two two-way radio
Selectable squelch levels


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